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Mike Pauly, the road home


Mike camped under the trees last night which would give some protection if it rained.

As it turned out it did rain so he waited until it stopped hence a late start.

A member of his walking group rang and said that they would get his van working and come out to see him. He must be getting close to home.

This morning he set off and has covered about 16 KM by 1:00 pm when he stopped for a cup of tea at Moorine Rock General Store

The problem was, being in a remote location, they had run out of tea bags and the owners wife was going to Southern Cross tomorrow to get some.

Mike, being unselfish, offered them a few of the ones he has and then had his cup of tea.

He was told where there was a gents toilet where he could freshen up and have a shave before he headed off.


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