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Mike Pauly, almost home


Mike spent last night camped about 10 km before Merredin. This morning he arrived in town in time to find out where the Mens Shed was.

He visited and was very impressed. Apparently one of the jobs they do is overhaul tractors.

For outdoor activities they have a property of about 50 hectares where among other things, they grow and cultivate wheat.

While in town Mike asked about laundry facilities and he was taken to a commercial operation where the owner allowed Mike to do his washing.

Now he feels on top of the world again with fresh clothes including his undies-how about that!

Next goal could be Doodlakine, where there is a General Store, an opportunity to stock up.

He has had some company, Rob, the last couple of days with one his walking group with him.

Makes a big difference having the companionship.

Rob should be with Mike over the weekend.


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